What is The Eviction Process in Reno, NV_

What happens when your tenant does not pay rent?

This situation can be stressful for any property owner, and with a lot of our clients being out of state, it becomes an especially difficult problem for them. If the tenants they placed are not meeting the financial requirements of tenancy, the owners can feel helpless from so far away. It helps to have a professional team of property managers to help.

How the Eviction Process Happens

We have a process in place when tenants aren’t paying rent and need to be evicted. Tenants who do not pay their rent will be served with a Five Day Notice to Pay or Quit. In the state of Nevada, the eviction process moves very quickly, which is good news for landlords because it means you won’t have to lose excessive months of rent. The best part is, at Action Properties, we handle the entire process for you.

Moving Through the Lockout Process

If the tenants have not paid after being served the Five Day Notice to Pay or Quit, we will proceed with the lockout. Even while giving the tenants the extra judicial days to come up with payment, we return to the judge to have an affidavit signed if the tenants do not argue or contest it. After that, we can take the signed judgment to the Sheriff, who will meet us at the property to begin the lockout. During the lockout, we are legally permitted to physically change the locks and secure the property from the tenant.

Lockout and Eviction Timing in Nevada

This process all happens in the same month that the rent is due. So, if rent is due on the first of the month but it isn’t considered late until the fifth of the month and the tenant still hasn’t paid, we’ll start the process right away. Then, the entire process is done and completed by the 23rd of the same month. We do the dirty work for our clients to ensure the property is safe and habitable and you as a landlord are receiving your income.

Managing the Property Management Legal Process

We obviously do all we can to ensure this does not happen, but at times things are out of our control. But when it does happen, we are quick to jump in and get the process started for our clients. When you work with us, as a landlord you will never have to be present at court or deal with any of the procedures.

property managementThe legal process can get a little hairy sometimes. There are certain guidelines that have to be followed and sometimes when the owners are not present they become confused on what is happening with their property. We’ll handle everything and keep you informed on what’s happening so it is as stress-free as possible.

If you have any further questions about how to lawfully evict a tenant in Nevada, or you need some advice about Reno property management, please feel free to contact us at Action Properties.

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