The Best Way to Advertise Your Rental Property in Reno

At Action Properties in Reno, we advertise your vacant rental property for you. It’s included with your management fees, and we take a few extra steps to make sure we’re casting a wide net and giving your property the attention it needs to attract a large tenant pool. When you advertise and market your property well, you’ll be able to rent it faster to good tenants, saving you money on vacancy costs.

Property Management Software and Advertising

Technology plays a large role in the way we advertise. We are always willing to invest in technology because it allows us to lease and manage your home more effectively. We have specialized property management software that displays your property all over the internet. This saves you from needing to post an outdated “for rent” sign outside your property.

Online Rental Property Advertising

We take all the marketing photos ourselves to get your property seen as much as possible. We take a lot of professional, high quality photos and we pair those photos with descriptions that are accurate and detailed. We want prospective tenants to get a good idea about what your property has to offer, and we want them to be excited about seeing it.

Some of the most popular rental websites our software hits include:

  • Zillow
  • Hot Pads
  • Zumper
  • Apartment Guide
  • For Rent

By hitting all these major rental sites, your property is getting all the exposure it possible can. Prospective tenants are clicking on your listing and making decisions about whether they want to see it. Once we get those hits, people will begin filling out the interest cards that go with the ad. Then, their information comes directly to us. We are able to reach out to them in regards to your property. We will answer any questions they have, do a little pre-screening ahead of the application, and then set up a time for them to see the property.

Reno’s Rental Market: Approving Tenants Quickly

The rental market today in Reno is pretty competitive. Tenants are armed with a lot of information about properties and what they’re worth. They know what they are looking for. When they see something they like, they are going to want to move in immediately.

This is good news for your vacancy rate. It means that if you have an appealing property that tenants are interested in, there are far fewer days that your property will be vacant on the market. With our software, we are getting hits from prospective tenants within 48 hours of the initial post. We can get tenants through the showing and application process efficiently, and then get them approved and moved in by the end of the week in most cases.

advertiseThe market is moving quickly, and at Action Properties, we are doing our best to maximize your property and the exposure that it gets.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the advertising process or our property management services in Reno, please feel free to contact us at Action Properties.

Posted by: T Tran on December 20, 2018
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